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How to solve the problem of the wire drawing of the computer quilting machine

In general, computer quilting machine in the quilting process in more or less there will be problems and the pull loop, it appears in this kind of problem, the first thing to consider is the quilting machine or quality quilting machine, quilting and fabric density, texture and line wringing density ratio and so on.
If found quilting has cable, should immediately check the quilting needle has no problem, because once the quilting needle is too large or bent so that the needle has no resistance will be the failure to timely replacement for cloth, needle or needle.
If it is a cable problem because operation of quilting machine caused, so great is possible because the rotary speed of quilting machine is too fast, line tension is too large or too large caliber needle plate caused, this time can be slowed down by the rotary speed, reduce the line tension and the use of small caliber needle plate hole to solve the problem. If the computer quilting machine is the cause of the wire box cloth, you can choose to apply the silicon oil on the line or replace the thread. Then there is no reduction in the scalability of the cloth, and the density of the fabric is not balanced. It is necessary to solve the problem according to the specific situation.