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About US

Dongguan Tai Sheng Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in September 1998, has 20 years of development and manufacturing process of home textile equipment, is a professional production and sale of non-woven machinery and equipment and bedding equipment manufacturers.

Since 1998 for so far, companies continue to grow and create a miracle in the industry, the formation of the Dongguan's group company, Dongguan's too Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. and Dongguan Dasheng Electromechanical Technology Co. Ltd., established covering non-woven machinery equipment and bedding equipment and computer high-speed multi needle quilting equipment and computer embroidery equipment and other areas of high speed multi industry textile equipment Kingdom, products out of the country, exported to Southeast asia.

Dongguan Tai Sheng group introduces Taiwan's mature technology and advanced production technology, and provides one-stop products and services for domestic and foreign home textile enterprises based on good credit and professional technical support to customers.

The purpose of the company is: quality first, customer first; honesty and pragmatism, first class.