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The main accessories of quilting equipment

There are many kinds of sewing equipment, and the quilting machine is used as an example. The quilting machine mainly includes the following parts:
1, there is a pressing and quilting quilting needle plate, is used to support the quilted goods, quilting plate and needle plate can move parallel installation, so it can in a quilting cycle, with a needle plate and separated by relative proximity material clamping repeated movement between the holding position and the materials are relatively far from the release position.
2, the combination of it and quilting needle, needle plate, is installed on the opposite side of the plate, and a plurality of pins, each pin is arranged between the pressure plate and the position can pass through the needle plate hole is in the plate positioned in the clamping position, can sew sandwiched between the plate and the needle plate the material.
3, quilting needle and needle axis, are listed together, after installation can swing through the angular displacement, and then makes a series of needles for reciprocating movement.
4, quilting plate and pressure plate is connected with the balance, after installation can swing through the angular displacement and angular displacement of the pendulum shaft pin, mutual response, the pressing plate began to reciprocate.
5, quilting drive motor, an output end is connected with the pendulum shaft to drive the needle, a needle to do reciprocating motion.
6, adjustable components, a pressing board is connected in series between the plate and the needle swing the balance in a reciprocating motion range adjustment plate.
7. The quilting adjustable motor has an output terminal connected to the adjustable element.
In addition, quilting machine is an important feature of quilting equipment, which is a quilting controller, which has a control signal output terminal connected to the regulating motor, which is used to control the mobile adjustable components of the motor, so as to regulate the reciprocating motion range of the pressboard.