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DS2450 Computerized Mattress Quilting Machine

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Machine Features 

•Optimized mechanical structure makes higher speed and more production.


•The practical patented technology “movable needle plate”makes the quilting patterns more elegant.


•More tight thread stitches makes the quilting patterns with stronger three dimensional effect.


•Needle bar and press plate are  controlled by a double- swinging device without cam  avoiding lubrication and dirtying of material.


•Multi-span and independent patterns(360°and 180°patterns are available) 


•Automatic stop motion control in case the top thread or the bottom thread breaksautomatic needle-lifting and CNC speed adjustment.


•No need to adjust the press plate' s position when the thickness of quilting material varies 


•Outstanding features such as high rigidity, high running speed, low vibration and noise


•CNC precision control system


•Easy preparation of CAD drawings extremely precise 


•Strong functions of pattern-combining and multi-span quilting to enable you to quilt different patterns in each row in the mattresses of different sizes 


•Fault detection function for ease of determining the running state of the machine at any given time



Technical Specification