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Is the length and width of the needle distance of the computer quilting machine different?

Is the length and width of the needle distance of the computer quilting machine different?
1. The power of the old computer quilting machine, open the display and open the computer. After the name of the factory, the operating system appears after the key (Enter).
2, according to the number of tricks of flower shaped flower shaped choices according to the F1, enter into tricks function, with the key - up, down, and to suspend the selection, determined by the "Enter" on No. 110 after the flower shaped by the four mobile: relax, button the upper right corner of the Pageup and Pagedown keys the next page. Press F1 key, then press ESC key to take part in the function.
3, according to the size of the quilt zoom flower shaped press F2, enter the flower shaped zoom function to zoom X, i.e. width, with increase in data plus 1, down 1, data reduction, data - data plus 10 minus 10, determine the required data, determine the press enter "Enter", then Y, i.e. the length of the unusual method with zoom, press enter "Enter" system to generate the ESC key in the flower, flower shape, flower size zoom range of 50cm-250cm, at least than the clip quilt frame is small 35 centimeters (cm).
4, adjust needle distance according to the F9, adjusting range of 2-12 mm, up from the 0.5 needle, the needle distance decreases by 0.5, enter "Enter" to determine the needle distance.
5, good quilt on the clamping device carrier, the machine head of the sewing machine needle to push the practice, namely the sewing machine needle from the right border of 17cm and displayed on the computer for left needle point, away from the outer frame 17cm, and wear line.
6, open the motor power, press the green button on the computer cabinet, after the old power supply, the frame has been locked and can not be pushed forward at will.
7, sewn according to F4, the following order can be accepted in the process of sewing:
F10, pause, down arrow acceleration, deceleration, line and press F10 to pause, press left key empty, reversing the key air go marching, reversing to break, press any key to pause, continue after sewing thread according to F4. In the case of not wearing the line, the reverse to the broken line point, after suspension can press F7 key, sewing machine automatically close to the border, wear a good line, according to F4 auto back to sew.
8, when the sewing is finished, it will automatically go to the point of the needle.
9. After the manufacturer's duty at the end of the computer quilting machine, turn off the motor power and press the red button on the computer cabinet.
10. Turn off the computer and turn off the display.