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Attention to the replacement of computer quilting machine parts

The computer quilting machine should pay attention to the following points when changing the machine parts:
1, repair and replace the parts as far as possible by the experts, do not understand it must not be mistaken.
2, maintenance or replacement of the machine, to be provided or approved by the original plant, model relative, can be replaced test.
3. When replacing the computer quilting machine, if it is necessary to open the electronic control box, we must cut off the power supply and wait five minutes after the operation, do not wet hands.
4, with the professional tools, strictly according to the instructions to enter the quilting machine parts replacement, replace the operation of the machine should be placed in a stable position.
5. After the replacement is completed, we should check again. Confirm whether there is any contact between solder and other quilting parts. The insulation materials on the PCB must be restored to original state. According to whether the contacts between the terminals and the plugs are good, the screws and nuts are not operated without falling off, and they must be tightened without loosening.
6, computer quilting machine parts after the replacement is completed, trial run and then put into normal work. When running the test, pay attention to hair and clothing can not touch the belt pulley and belt, do safety measures.