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The sewing machine industry look forward to the

n recent years, with the rapid development of China's textile industry, the domestic quilting machine has provided important support for many textile enterprises due to its low price, strong processing ability and wide range of products. Shandong folk quilting machine is not only sold to the domestic and rural market, but also in Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia, Africa and other markets. The civil quilting machine has created a large number of employment opportunities and considerable foreign exchange income for China. However, although China is the largest sewing equipment production base in the world, it is not the strongest. If we want to maintain sustainable development, we must improve the technological content and the product's added value.

Social experts believe that the market for computer quilting machines is still expanding. In fact, this kind of product is still very young, and the real market application is just about a decade. At the same time, its technical upgrading and development are expected to be quite fast. Remote control computer quilting machine, computer embroidery machine will also combine with the production process, to achieve the design of industrial quilting production automation, management information and intelligent process control. Shindy Hanma company began to market research from the beginning of 2001, to be completed in 2004 two needle gauge computer quilting machine development and product test, has won two of quilting machine patents granted by the State Intellectual Property office. In 2005, 10-20 pilot projects were completed. This year, we have invested in batch production, with annual sales of over 100 units. In May, we built 12000 square meters of new factories in Jinshan Development Area of Shanghai, and passed the product quality inspection in northern laboratory.