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What are the elements of a good quality computer quilting machine?

1. synchronizing movement of spiny material, thread picking mechanism and hook mechanism in sewing process to complete computer control
With the maturity and progress of computer control technology, there are 2 independent drive mechanism mechanisms, the piercing mechanism, the thread picking mechanism and the thread picking mechanism, which are driven by a driving motor. The hook mechanism is driven by another driving motor. In the process of sewing, the spiny material, the thread picking mechanism and the hook mechanism synchronize the motion of the computer to complete the computer control. It is also the latest trend in the development of technology.
Complete computer control by 2. feeding mode
The control mode of the motion of the feeding mechanism in the process of the stitching process of quilting machine is changed from the machine control mode to the computer control mode. Commodity technology instead of the original single machine controls the way of manual control feeding for quilting machine, completes the machine automatic embroidery, greatly improves the duty efficiency, reduces the rest intensity, and resolutely embroiders the mass quantity.
3. manual operation to complete computer control
The quilting machine is controlled by computer. Automation, such as stopping needle, cutting thread, shifting thread, lifting presser foot and sewing seam, reinforcing seam and counting slot, have been completed automatically.