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What is the function of the computer quilting machine frequency converter?

Computer quilting machine, as a high-tech equipment integrating automatic control, digital disposal and storage technology, plays an increasingly important role in textile and bedding industry, and is widely praised by wide enterprises. The current quilting machine is divided into the computer single needle quilting machine, the computer multi needle quilting machine, the computer ultrasonic quilting machine and so on. Compared with the traditional mechanical quilting machine, digital computer quilting machine has small ancient disposal system, computer control system in small, can accurate disposal output complex tricks graphics, its accuracy, speed, mechanical disposal of consumption function, cleanse purposes, are mechanical machines in the past the incomparable. In addition, it also has other convenience functions, such as break detection, spindle detection, automatic track finding, and tricks management, which can better show the technical disadvantage of computer quilting machine.
Mechanical type quilting machine cheap, complex structure, in 80s some of the pre workshop processing material and bedding is commonly used in this machine, using secondary mechanical profiling, based on profiling constitute fixed template tricks. There are still manufacturers to use mechanical quilting machine to stop production of some textile low-end products, but its low precision, low efficiency, poor compliance, quilting tricks fixed defects such as more and more outstanding, will be eliminated, gradually replaced by the advanced technology of computer quilting. By using advanced computer quilting technology, increasing the rest consumption rate, reducing the cost and completing the automation of quilting consumption process, the consumer manufacturers can create more applicable and beautiful products. Therefore, it is a tendency to eliminate mechanical quilting machine by computer quilting machine. Computerized quilting technology can quickly transform quilted design into products with high efficiency, less use and superior quality.
The main equipment computer quilting machine is combined with computer, motion control card, stepper / servo motor, inverter, on the basis of trick play version of the design software, high speed and accurate control of X, Y axial movement, so as to complete the complex design gimmick of motion control, from computer design to product consumption process. The motion control card is a kind of high power based on PC bus with high precision step / servo motor motion control card, which comprises a pulse input, pulse counting, digital output, digital input function, pulse string can recover the high frequency of continuation, by changing the frequency of pulse back to control the motor speed the number of pulses, change back to control the position of the motor. Quilting, drive the stepper motor or servo motor, the synchronous belt drives the complete two-dimensional motion clamping frame, at the same time with exercise frequency control or other control system to control the needle and hook, made of special tricks a version of the software, through Wilke M, Behringer, Tajima plate making software complete, with large capacity memory card can store thousands of tricks. Because of the use of industrial computer, it can complete the operation and disposal of complex tricks, with high precision and quick disposal.